About Us



To enable the TALASH NEWS CHANNEL of truthful and outstanding content on the subjects of interest and relevance to a range of our audiences while using the best professional performance and presentation coupled with ensuring long term continuity. We also believe in “THE PRESS AND THE NATION RISE AND FALL TOGATHER” (Khalid Nawaz Sadhraich, Editor-in-Chief)

Welcome to TALASH NEWS channel! Our team creates high-quality videos about political analysis, social problems and moral values. We also focus the issues like alleviation of poverty and unemployment. The Editor-in-Chief of TALASH NEWS Mr. Khalid Nawaz Sadhraich is an International award winning volunteer and journalist. He helped thousands of unemployed youth to have overseas employment opportunities without personal gains. International Labour Organization (ILO) recognized the services of his company KHM Shalaan and GL which did well as overseas employment promoter.
Among the hub of social media and unauthentic information being floated by most of YouTube channels, TALASH NEWS is committed to uphold the truthfulness.

In our dear home land Journalism has witnessed revolutionary changes in the past 20 years. In electronic media field the nation that was exposed to only one government controlled news channel and then suddenly was put in the whirlwind of unfiltered flashing news channels. With the mushroom growth of electronic media (cable and YouTube) the quality of news saw a rapid decline and wrong information is being presented as breaking news. Freedom and neutrality of the media, particularly media outlets which broadcast national and international news, are critical to the growth of any society. Keeping this reality in view, TALASH NEWS is committed to play its role in nation building. The inappropriate friendliness between media persons and political figures also raises debate that media gets under political influence. We, under the impartial and dynamic leadership of Khalid Nawaz Sadhraich are also committed to not to be influenced by such thing.